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2022-06-17 03:27:58 By : Mr. Grant Liu

Deciding to try one of the best bidets on Amazon isn’t just a smart idea in a time with unpredictable toilet paper shortages, it’s also a greener way to lower your impact on the environment and a small investment to save money in the long run.

From my experience, once you use a bidet for a week or two (to get the hang of it), you’ll have no idea how you felt clean without one. Plus, you won’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper ever again.Reduce your plastic consumption even more by dropping bottled water for a countertop water filter.

This is one of two bidets I have in my home I’m happy to recommend it. The Tushy Classic is a simple design mean to fit underneath your toilet seat with quick and easy installation.  

It’s designed to self-install and I did it alone, with zero plumbing experience, in under half an hour. It has a single knob that controls the self-cleaning function and the bum wash. To keep your nozzle clean it retracts when not in use. A lever on the controls adjusts the position of the nozzle for back and front spritzing. 

It comes in a variety of colors and knob styles. Currently this neutral white and stainless steel model is what’s in stock.

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This Brodell Handheld Precision Sprayer is a great improvement on the normal handheld bidet. I have this exact style in my home and prefer it over seat bidets. You get to control the placement and power of your spray which is a huge plus for me.

Instead of a sprayer head like you’d find on your kitchen sink, this takes the normal, narrower bidet nozzle and makes it handheld. The sprayer section is longer and farther away from your hand so there’s less splash-back. 

The on and off button is pressure sensitive making it easy to control the water pressure of your bidet with your thumb. The force is based on your water pressure but at my house, this style of bidet gives me a big range from barely a dribble to enough pressure to really wake you up in the morning.

It’s simple to install and includes a mount for your tank. I set it up in under 15 minutes and I’m by no means proficient in plumbing. 

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If you’d prefer to keep your own toilet and your normal toilet seat Tibbers Bidet Non-Electric Seat Attachment fits directly under your current toilet seat.

It’s designed to be self-installed without much fuss and doesn’t require any electricity to run. The slip base fits over the existing screws meaning you don’t have to worry as much about it fitting your toilet. It comes with the hoses and all the hardware you’ll need to hook into the water line that feeds your toilet tank.

To keep your nozzle clean, it’s covered with a plastic shield to avoid getting hit with the types of things a toilet bowl may be hit with. When you turn it on, the nozzle is lowered down out from behind the shield meaning you have a clean nozzle every time. I like that it has a self-washing function and adjustable water pressure.

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The Bidet Mate 2000 is a high-tech seat that has all the bells and whistles for your ultimate comfort. 

It has everything from a heated seat, heated drying fan, adjustable and self-cleaning nozzle, water massage function, handheld remote, and a built-in charcoal deodorizer. 

The seat itself heats the water to your desired temperature so you don’t have to worry about running your hot water line from the sink to your toilet. You just need to hook it up to the line that feeds your toilet tank, which I’ve done for two bidets (zero plumbing experience) and it’s really quite easy. 

You can control the vast amount of customization (including the temperature of the air of the drying fan) with the included wireless remote. Once you have your controls just how you like it, the Bidet Mate 2000 can remember the settings last used so when you sit down you don’t have to re-adjust everything every single time. 

For the money, this is a good deal compared to the way other seats with the same features are priced. I know it’s an investment but when you think about how often you use the bathroom, why not enjoy that time if you can afford it?

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If the idea of messing with your plumbing at all sounds terrible or your not sure you’ll even like having a bidet, consider getting a low-tech portable one. The Cynpel Peri Bottle is a good way to try out the sensation or avoid messing with water lines.

The simple bottle is filled with water and you squeeze it to express the water through the angled nozzle. Because you’re squeezing it, you can more easily control the pressure and angle. 

Plus, it’s pretty cheap compared to electric models. 

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For those looking for something simple and user-friendly, the Vankany Bidet has one knob that controls water pressure and the self-cleaning function with no overwhelming bells and whistles. 

The center of the knob is the off setting and to one side a graduated water pressure range for the bum wash and on the other side of the knob is the self-cleaning function. That’s it. 

It’s simple to self-install as it fits under your toilet seat and has sliding brackets to fit differently spaced toilet seats. This is similar to the bidet attachment I have and it was very convenient to have adjustable slots to fit how my toilet is built.

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For those who like control, the Tirdity Handheld Bidet allows you to position the water stream exactly how you want it and you can adjust the water pressure. I like that the sprayer is stainless steel and built to last.

It’s designed to be easy to self-install and comes with two mounting holders, one to hang on the toilet tank and one for the wall. 

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For those who are looking for bells and whistles like heated water, heated seat, warm air dryer fan, and multiple sprayer options, consider the BioBidet Bliss.

This one replaces your normal toilet seat with a spa-like experience for your bottom. The self-cleaning sprayer retracts for cleanliness when not in use and has three nozzle options to choose from so you can get the angle and shape of water you want from a thin jet to wider spray. You can also opt for a massaging pattern for a cleaner feeling. 

Even with all the extras, it’s designed to be installed yourself with the same water hook up system as most bidets and the rest simply needs to be plugged in. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, an extension cord will work. 

I love that this one has warm water without needing to hook into your home’s hot water line. It takes the cold water and heats it in the same way it heats the air for the fan and the seat.

It can be controlled with the included remote so you can get all the settings to just how you like them.

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The FooFoo Bidet is low-tech and no-nonsense with just one straight-forward knob.

It’s designed to be self-installed and fits underneath your current toilet set. When not in use, the nozzle retracts behind a shield to keep it cleaner which is a pretty crucial feature for me. It also has a self-cleaning function which is great.

The knob controls the wash with adjustable water pressure and the self-cleaning function. 

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Toto is one of the best-known names in bidets and high-end toilets and their Washlet is a great entry-level option for those who want luxury without emptying their bank account. 

This toilet seat is designed to be self-installed on your own toilet with minimal difficulty. It hooks up to the cold water line that fills your toilet’s tank and then uses a built-in electric heater to warm the water so there’s no shock of cold on you bum in the winter. It also has a heated drying fan and heated seat option so you stay comfy no matter what the season. 

The nozzle is retractable and self-cleaning. It has three sprayer shapes from a thin jet to a wider, gentler spray. It also aerates the water for a more comfortable jet and better clean. Another neat feature is a pre-spray feature that spritzes the bowl before you go to prevent anything from sticking to the sides of your toilet bowl so it stays cleaner longer.

It also comes with a built-in deodorizer which is a plus. All these features mean it has a slightly bulkier base to it so you’ll want to measure your current seat to make sure there will be room for this one. 

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The Kohler PureTide Bidet Seat is simple to install and the manual lever is easy for almost anyone to operate. The non-smart features may be boring to some but for others they’re user-friendly.

The elongated seat attaches like any toilet seat and once you hook the water hose to the line that feeds the tank you’re good to go. 

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By design, bidet seat attachments can’t avoid setting the toilet seat at a slight angle since they’re sitting under the back of the seat with nothing underneath the front. Some people might not notice this difference at all but it might annoy the pants off of others> (Little toilet humor there.)

BioBidet’s SlimEdge is designed just for these people. The extra thin panel is half the thickness of some other brands for a significantly more level toilet seat. 

The dual-nozzle SlimEdge has a very simple setup with a one-knob control that activates either the back or front wash nozzle. It doesn’t have any fancy extras like warm water, heated seats, or dryers.

One thing to keep in mind is that while the nozzles are retractable which protects them from the worst of the environment they live in, they are not self-cleaning. That’s what you sacrifice by having such a flat attachment.

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Another option is to skip messing with your toilet seat at all and just get SmarterFresh’s Handheld Bidet Sprayer. It’s basically a sprayer hose hooked up to the waterline that fills your toilet’s tank. 

When you want it, you simply take it off the included hook and spray in the area and angle that you want. Keep in mind that you have to have the dexterity to stretch and reach the proper angles so this might not be the one for those who are disabled or elderly.

I like that it’s not stored inside your toilet bowl which helps to keep it much cleaner. 

It’s also great for cleaning your toilet bowl, diaper flushing, or even giving your dog a bath. 

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The idea that bidets are somehow dirty is a common myth here in America but the truth is that bidets are much more hygienic than wiping with toilet paper.

Think about it--if you somehow get poop on your hands, would you be content to just wipe it off with a paper towel and go about your day? How about wiping down your armpits with toilet paper after a good work out? Me neither.

It's as though our butts are the one exception to the common sense knowledge that water is the way to get clean. 

Bidets are either connected directly to your water line or to the water tank of your toilet. They don't spray dirty toilet water back up onto your bits--so if that's why you think they're nasty, I don't blame you, but that isn't how they work.

The consensus is that bidets are overall better for you bum than toilet paper. Excessive wiping or wiping with too much pressure can cause anal fissures which are tears in the delicate skin of your rectum which can open you up to infection. 

According to a rectal surgeon, we should be wiping with a patting motion, not a true swiping movement in order to prevent injury. I don't know about you, but patting is not going to do it for me. 

Plus there are plenty of folks with mobility or grip issues who have a hard time wiping whether from age, disability, or pregnancy who could feel cleaner easier with a bidet.

Despite the fact that you're using water, bidets actually use less water than the process of creating toilet paper. According to Healthline, it takes 1.5 pounds of wood and 37 gallons of water to make one roll of toilet paper.

Bidets are a greener alternative all around. 

It depends on the type of bidet. You'll find three major types.

Hand-held bidets attach to your standard toilet and look like the sprayer hose you might find on a kitchen sink. This allows you to have precise control of the angle of your water when cleaning.

Bidet toilet seats are special toilet seats with built-in bidet nozzles. These work the same as hand-held bidets except that when you're ready a small nozzle is lowered automatically lowered into the bowl and sprays a jet of water at your already in position butt. 

Stand-alone bidets look like seatless toilets, generally found beside your normal toilet. They're a bit fancier and require a lot more room than most Americans have. For these, you do your business on the toilet, wipe once with paper, then switch to the bidet.

You can sit facing forward like a toilet or straddle the bidet facing the controls depending on your comfort. These stand-alone units tend to have controls for hot and cold water so you can adjust to your liking before sitting down to let the water wash you clean. 

Fun Fact: The word bidet comes from the French word for "pony"

Depending on your comfort you can either wait a minute to drip dry, use a small amount of toilet paper to dry off, use a designated towel, or invest in a bidet with a drying fan.

We have Toilet UNpaper, flannel reusable wipes that we use for drying only.

Do You Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

You can do a dry wipe first but you don't have to. Most folks play it by ear. You can generally tell when the bidet might benefit from a helping hand.

You'd be surprised how cheap they are.

If you think bidets are only for the wealthy, that used to be pretty true because they were stand-alone units that needed a large bathroom to fit and had to be installed by professionals, but recent models that can be installed directly onto your current toilet without the need of a plumber have significantly dropped the price.

Plus, according to Statistica, Americans spend on average over $100 on toilet paper a year (and that number seems low) so you're already shelling out cash for your butt-cleanliness, let alone if you're buying expensive wipes that can clog up sewer systems.

An investment in a bidet can reduce your costs overall and give you a sense of security when there are sudden toilet paper shortages.

Fun Fact: An article in The Atlantic says that it's thought that this American reluctance might be in part because, while they were already in wide use across Europe, Americans' first mass exposure to the bidet probably would have been in WWII when soldiers visited local brothels. The returning soldiers then began to associate them with something they saw as shameful.

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